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We will answer as fast we can, normally within 24 hours.
Support do not work on Sundays and holidays in the Philippines.

because of covid, and a lot of misunderstanding. we can only answer support to English tickets. we used google translate in the past but it has proven not to be accurate enough.

Do NOT answer the Email you get.
The ONLY way to follow up on your Ticket is click MY TICKET and there you can reply again..
If you reply to the support email you get your answer will be gone.
That is ONLY a confirmation that support replied your ticket

ALWAYS start your ticket with
And your problem/questions:
If about downline also ALWAYS give us username

And a Picture if you can, it will make the request on your ticket much faster to fix.


ALL payment IN and OUT is on hold until the YouTube update is Finish.
Follow the announcement in the Facebook group

Please remember we are just getting started, so ALL ADD FUNDS is controlled manual by our staff to start with, so it can go up to 24 hours before your funds is approved.

This will be automatic later on, when we are 100% finish with all update..

you will receive a email confirmation after you have submitted.

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