How do qualified counter works ( Video )

How do the Qualified counter works

There is 2 functions in your dashboard top header line.

  1.  your ads counter 10/10
  2. Your  qualified counter

1: Your ads counter 10/10 

That is only for your own adpack, and when you can watch 10 ads again.. there is no counter on this one, but will be reset every day at Manila ( GMT+8 ) time.
After the reset you can see your counter showing 0/10 and you can now watch 10 ads again.

2: Your qualified counter

This counter is more for your downline, when you are Qualified to get downline commission, you can also see this counter saying Qualified in your FAZ Status.
This have nothing to do with your own Adpack, but each time you watch your own adpack we add 24 hours Qualified to your downline commission.  If this counter run out, you don´t get downline commission.


You can also see the video on explanation here:

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