How do the placement works in GoldRush

This is how the placement works

ALL user have position 1,2 and 3.

The system always fill up position 1 on each level, and then go to 2 and then 3..
So when your level 1 is full.. then you help other members filling up their position 1 , 2 and then 3..

This way you are giving faster spillover to your downline, and that motivate more people..


So let say you are number 1 in the picture..
Your sponsor in the top have already fill up his first level ( 2 and 3)
The next person he invite when then be what we call SPILLOVER to you, and will be placed as number 4 ( your position 1 )
If your sponsor now invite 1 more, he will then be SPILLOVER to user number 2, and be placed on number 2 first position ( number 5 )

So let say you number 1.. invite the next person.. you will now fill up your own position 2..

Now your sponsor invite 1 more, the filling up position 1 under user 3.. NOW all position 1 is FULL in this level.
And the system now jump to position 2.

So what happen now is.. YOU number 1 have already invited 1 person and filled up your position 2… And now your sponsor invite 1 more, that mean this SPILLOVER wil now be placed first vacant position 2, and that will be number 8 under user 2.

October 18, 2019

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