All about adpack

How much we earn pr. adpack

Each adpack ends when it reaches $ 60.

How to Buy Adpack (video)

How you can buy adpack in Global Daily Pro

How do qualified counter works ( Video )

How do the Qualified counter works There is 2 functions in your dashboard top header line.  your ads counter 10/10 Your  qualified counter 1: Your ads counter 10/10  That is only for your own adpack, and when you can watch 10 ads again.. there is no counter on this one, but will be reset every…

Career Plan English

Build a business with GDP Career Plan GlobalDailyPro want to rewards its users if they do a really good work for the company, this way we come up with a Career Plan step by step you can follow and get some extra cash rewards with directly payment to your online account. You can download the…

How to buy Adpack Lotto

Adpack lotto is a normal Adpack you can buy.  Lotto Adpack cost 5$ and giving 20 views.When you buy Adpack Lotto you get the lottery for free.

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