Frequently Asked Questions

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Account management

How to reset my password

In case you forgot or lost your password you can easily reset it on Globaldailypro login page.

1. Press Log In, then click on “Did you forget the password?”
2. Put the email address you used to register an account on Globaldailypro and press Reset password.
3. The system will send an email with the reset password link. Follow the instructions in the email to create a new password.

If you didn’t receive a reset password link, remember to check the Spam folder, as the email might land there.

Can I correct my Globaldailypro account information?

A Globaldailypro user can change the misspellings in the name or surname at My profile tab. You can do it as long as your account is not verify.

Please note: you don’t need to write to support to request the change. When you change the name in your profile, the application will report your request automatically.

How can I secure my Globaldailypro account?

An important factor in account security is a use of adequate safety measures.

First of all, we recommend you setting a strong login password consisting of uppercase and lowercase letters, a number and a special character.


How to create an advertisement on the platform?

To create your own advertisement  go to Advertising section and press Create Ad.

To create an ad, a distributor must complete the form with the following fields:

– advertisement title,
– advertisement text,
– URL – link to the website to promote,
– recipients setting (based on gender, age and country of origin),
– the number of ads views allocated to the advertisement. Each time the advertisement is shown, one view is consumed.

Please note that all fields must be filled to create an advertisement.

The user can create an unlimited number of ads. Whether they will be displayed depends on the number of views assigned to each of them.

Why was my ad rejected?

All advertisements are displayed in frames, so that at the top of the page we can show the bar with a duration.
Unfortunately, some pages because of how they are written cannot be displayed correctly. If we accept such an advertisement, it will be displayed for the users as a blank page.

Advertising packages

What is an advertising package (AdPack)?

In order to begin the promotion of your business you need to purchase one of the AdPacks.

AdPacks primarily give you a possibility of creating advertisements that will be displayed to the platform users  and also outside the platform

Advertising packages include ad views that should be assigned to your advertisements. An number of ad views depends on the value of the package:
– 50 FND AdPack gives 1000 ad displays


What is a subscription?

In Faz 1, the Globaldailypro platform offers the possibility of having up to 30 active packs of the value of 50 FND

If you intend to take advantage of the potential of Globaldailypro to a greater extent and increase the number of active packs, we encourage to use our subscription offer.
In this way you will reserve server capacity allowing for displaying advertisements in a bigger number.

There are seven types of subscriptions

In case you purchased an additional advertising package and exceeded the maximum limit of AdPacks per your current subscription, you can upgrade the subscription to the next one and an AdPack will become active.
Please, check the Marketing Plan

What is the maximum amount of active AdPacks I can have on my account?

The number of maximum advertising packages a user can have depends on a subscription.
Please, check the Marketing Plan

How can I buy an advertising package on GlobalDailyPro

To buy an advertising package go to Advertising and choose Buy AdPacks tab:

1. Choose one of the available payment methods.
2. Choose a quantity of AdPacks to buy.
– Remember about maximum limits of Adpacks you can have in accordance with  your subscription.
3. Press Buy Adpacks button to confirm the purchase.

What would happen to my AdPacks if I didn’t watch ads

If you have not been able to visit your account on the Globaldailypro platform and watch advertisements for 14 days, your active advertising packages will be permanently deactivated and you will lose the possibility to receive profit from watching advertisements from  AdPacks held at that time

What are the consequences if I don’t assign the ad views I received with an AdPack?

To become qualified for receiving profit from watching advertisements, a user must assign all ad views included in the purchased AdPacks to his advertisements on a one-time basis.

When you buy new ads you can choose if you want create a new ad or refill an old one

Where I can check my commissions ?

You can check your commissions received from watching advertisements , Gold Rush and from distribution structure in Commissions tab under Business section.


How can I generate a code?

To generate a code go to Business tab  and choose Codes section.

The code is being created from your GD´s (Online account balance):
1. Type a value of a code you want to create. Remember that a code can be used only to pay for something that costs the same exact  value.
2. According to the terms of Globaldailypro, $10 of code amount is being transferred to the company. 

Why do I have to be verified to be able to generate a code?

Due to the security policies (as Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer), it is required for a distributor to confirm his profile information before making the funds transfers.

How can I use a code created on Globaldailypro?

A code generated can be used to charge Online account, buy the platform services as AdPacks or pay for Subscription.

Globaldailypro codes can be used only on Globaldailypro platform.

It could be used whether by a person who created a code or any other user of Globaldailypro

General information

What is GDP advertising program?

It is an advertising platform in the area of network marketing.

On the Globaldailypro platform, you can create the advertisements of your business customized for specific recipients with the use of innovative system tools.

Additionally, if, as a distributor, you will commit to viewing advertisements periodically, you will receive remuneration which is awarded in accordance with the rules specified in the Globaldailypro regulations and the Marketing Plan in the form of GD´s

How to create account on the Globaldailypro plattform

After providing the required information, i.e. in particular:

  • Name;
  • Surname;
  • Email;
  • Date of birth;
  • Username;
  • Password;
  • Sponsor (if there is one).

and accepting terms of use, the system will automatically create an account on Globaldailypro platform.

Do I or does Globaldailypro pay taxes for me?

Globaldailypro pays no taxes that it members

It is up to each person to find out what tax they will pay depending on which country they live in. For more information, please go to the local tax office.

What is a GD?

Globaldailypro Dollar (GD) is our internal currency which equals and will always equal to USD n the ratio of 1:1.

Payments/ withdrawals

How can I withdraw my money?

Only verified accounts can make a withdrawal in Globaldailypro. It can be done in the various services that are written in the marketing plan


How can I verify my Globaldailypro account?

Verification procedure must be done within 14 days, if you do not verify, the system will stop for you and you will lose profit, but only until you are active again.


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