Redeem Funds / withdrawal

How to redeem Funds:

You can only redeem Funds if your KYC is approved..

You can see that on the Dashboard saying KYC STATUS

After you are approved you can start redeem funds.


Step 1: Click redemption fund

Step 2: Click redeem Funds Now

Step 3: Put the amount you want to withdrawal excluding the fee, you can see in Available funds in ($) , how much you can redeem
Example: you want to redeem 60$ and the fee is 8$ then you need to redeem $52

Step 4: select your wallet where you want GDP to transfer to ( you need setup your wallet BEFORE you can redeem )
you do that in My Profile –> Update my wallet

Step 5: Click send Email code ( you will not get a email code you need to place in step 6. this code can sometimes take a little time or look in your spam filter )

Step 6: Enter the code from the email

Step 7: Click Redeem NOW.


All withdrawal is done manually.
Normal days up to 24 hours.
Weekends up to 48 hours.
Holiday closed for all withdrawal.

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