How can I use a code created on Globaldailypro?

A code generated can be used to charge an online account, buy the platform services as AdPacks or pay for Subscription. Globaldailypro codes can be used only on the Globaldailypro platform. It could be used either by a person who created the code or by any other user of Globaldailypro.

Why do I have to be verified to be able to generate a code?

Due to the security policies (as Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer), it is required for a distributor to confirm their profile information before making the funds transfers.

How can I generate a code?

To generate a code go to the Business tab and choose the Codes section. The code is being created from your GD´s (Online account balance): 1. Type the value of a code you want to create. Remember that the code can be used only to pay for something that costs the same value. 2. According to the…

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