Advertising packages

Where I can check my commissions ?

You can check your commissions received from watching advertisements, Gold Rush, and from distribution structure in the Commissions tab under the Business section.

What are the consequences if I don’t assign the ad views I received with an AdPack?

To become qualified for receiving profit from watching advertisements, a user must assign all ad views included in the purchased AdPacks to his advertisements on a one-time basis. When you buy new ads you can choose if you want to create a new ad or refill an old one.

What would happen to my AdPacks if I didn’t watch ads

If you have not been able to visit your account on the Globaldailypro platform and watch advertisements for 14 days, your active advertising packages will be permanently deactivated and you will lose the possibility to receive profit from watching advertisements from AdPacks held at that time

How can I buy an advertising package on GlobalDailyPro

To buy an advertising package go to Advertising and choose the Buy AdPacks tab: 1. Choose one of the available payment methods. 2. Choose a number of AdPacks to buy. – Remember the maximum limits of Adpacks you can have in accordance to your subscription. 3. Press the Buy Adpacks button to confirm the purchase.

What is the maximum amount of active AdPacks I can have on my account?

The number of maximum advertising packages a user can have depends on your subscription. Please, check the Marketing Plan.

What is a subscription?

In Faz 1, the Globaldailypro platform offers the possibility of having up to 20 active packs of the value of 50 FND If you intend to take advantage of the potential of Globaldailypro to a greater extent and increase the number of active packs, we encourage you to use our subscription offer. In this way,…

What is an advertising package (AdPack)?

To begin the promotion of your business, you need to purchase one of the AdPacks. AdPacks primarily give you a possibility of creating advertisements that will be displayed to the platform users and also outside the platform. Advertising packages include ad views that should be assigned to your advertisements. The number of ad views depends…

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