Redeem Funds / withdrawal

How to redeem Funds: You can only redeem Funds if your KYC is approved.. You can see that on the Dashboard saying KYC STATUS After you are approved you can start redeem funds. ___________________________________________________________________ Step 1: Click redemption fund Step 2: Click redeem Funds Now Step 3: Put the amount you want to withdrawal excluding…

Add Funds

If login to your backoffice in Remember to ADD funds you first need setup your Google authentigator. Step 1: Click GD Funds Step 2: Click Add Funds Step 3: Put the amount you want to add Step 4: Enter your google authenticatier code to confirm Step 5: Click PROCEED FOR PAYMENT You can also…

What is a GD?

Globaldailypro Dollar (GD) is our internal currency which equals and will always equal to USD with the ratio of 1:1.

Do I or does Globaldailypro pay taxes for me?

Globaldailypro pays no taxes for members. It is up to each person to find out what tax they will pay depending on which country they live in. For more information, please go to your local tax office.

How to create account on the Globaldailypro platform

After providing the required information, i.e. in particular: Name; Surname; Email; Address; City Zip Code Country Username; Password; Sponsor (if you do not have one, contact the company). And accepting terms of use, the system will automatically create an account on the Globaldailypro platform.

What is GDP advertising program?

It is an advertising platform in the area of network marketing. On the Globaldailypro platform, you can create the advertisements of your business customized for specific recipients with the use of innovative system tools. Additionally, if, as a distributor, you will commit to viewing advertisements periodically, you will receive remuneration which is awarded by following…

How can I verify my Globaldailypro account?

Go to “My Profile”. KYC Application. Click here to complete your KYC. Fill out the form with your details. Choose one of the following ways to verify you, Passport, National ID Card, Driver´s License. Take a picture of your identification card. Take a picture of your face with your identification card next to it. Upload both…

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